Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fewer wrinkles, less pain...so what's a little poison??

Yeah, Allergan, the company that owns and distributes Botox, is trying to find new ways to use the drug. One of those possible uses is to reduce fibro pain:

"But Mr. Gal, the analyst, devoted his Christmas vacation to unearthing about 90 patent applications worldwide by Allergan. These included Botox for sinus headache, fibromyalgia pain, ulcers, inner ear disorders and uterine problems as well as appearance treatments like “buttock deformity.”

Botox is a form of botulism, which can lead to muscle paralysis (hence why it works so well on forehead wrinkles) and even death if overused. I don't think I want a nerve poison injected into me for the sake of relieving some pain...let alone to rid myself of the wrinkles I have earned by living life.

Perhaps I should be grateful my fibro pain is controlled enough with lyrica and cymbalta that I can't imagine wanting to poison my nerves to rid myself of the pain.

Read more about other possible applications for Botox here.

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