Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tips to deal

A string of posts has been started on all about how we can and do deal with the day-to-day of living with fibromyalgia and related disorders. Please go by and add your own tips to help ease the pain of life!

Some already posted tips include:

"My Biggest Tip is that You Take Care of Self First, Make sure ya Eat a Good Breakfast...Cereals, Fruit...nothing Heavy, but Healthy...Look into Juicing...or home made Smoothies...Good stuff for you !! and Lots of Good Healthy Clear Liquids thru out ur Day...Apple juices, Cranberry Juices, lemon water...Teas...Good stuff to Help flush Any Toxins !! Taking Care of Self First, Insures that you will be better able to Take Care of your Babies !!"

"Another one that I use, is that when I am in the 'resting' mode, and watching t.v., I make myself get up and DO SOMETHING during the commercials. It is just a short time and then I get to sit back down again. It helps to get the 'chores' done in short spurts, without wearing yourself out. Plus, who likes to watch commercials anyway. "

"3. Do up 3 of 4 meals at a time. Spaghetti sauce freezes up nicely as does a lasagna and chili. Cut up raw veggies for lunches and suppers and keep in a bucket in the fridge. Salads will last a few days too.

"4. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have an illness..that doesn't make you worthless."

There are lots more, though. Pop by, check them out, then add your own.

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