Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What to do when people don't understand

I'm quickly becoming a fan of Adrienne Dellwo on about.com. She's the fibromyalgia & CFS guide, and I've enjoyed the last coupleof her posts I've been alerted to.

The most recent has to do with WHAT to do when you run into someone who is insensitive about FMS or CFS, or someone who just plain doesn't believe in it. I have been so fortunate that this has not yet happened to me -- pretty well everyone I have told I have FMS has reacted with either curiosity or sympathy. Her advice makes sense, though:

"These comments can put us in an uncomfortable position, and I've found that it pays to think ahead of time about how I'll respond.

"When it's a non-medical person, we each have to decide for ourselves whether it's better to respond or not. It's normal to get defensive and fight back, but that could lead to an even more stressful confrontation. If you feel like you need to say something, be prepared to put the offender in the hot seat."

Read more of her tips here.

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